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Balosol Management Consulting prides itself in Business Process Management – the BLUEPRINT of your organization.

Most organizations have a disconnect between their strategy and its alignment to its operations and between their business solutions and their operational functional requirements. Business Process Modelling is a versatile capability that can eliminate this fragmentation to ensure alignment between strategy, people, processes and technology.

Balosol is a leader in this space and we have the depth of experience to effectively review your processes to ensure alignment to your core business strategy, its delineation to processes and how each resource in your organization can optimally perform and fit to underlying business solutions. Ultimately you will achieve Strategy Alignment and improved Performance Management.

Why Do You Need Good Process Models?

Business processes do the following for your organisation:

  1. Links your strategy to your organizations operations to be able to effectively manage your business towards its strategic goals
  2. Defines the operational objectives for your resources for their day to day tasks
  3. Enables an operational line of sight into your organization to effectively manage performance
  4. Establishes the basis for the configuration of your organizations business systems to ensure alignment between systems, people and your business processes
  5. Provides the basis where operational data is generated and can be captured into business systems for reporting

Past Clients

Balosol has the depth of experience to assist your organization with innovative process management solutions that are sound, practical and proven. During your consultation, a Balosol process practitioner will work with you to understand and evaluate your business challenges and process performance.

Whatever your process challenges, whether they are cross functional or inter function related, high cost related, value loss related etc, we can help review and innovate possible solutions that will meet your business challenges while driving continuous process improvement and alignment to your strategy.

The output of the free consultation will provide you with gap analysis and solution to your problem and a high level assessment of your overall process alignment to your strategy and your business systems.