Balosol Management Consulting is a wholly owned citizen company that provides management consulting, business technology services and project management services. What we are good at is translating and implementing strategy and business requirements into optimal business processes and in turn into technology solutions that will be enable process and data management in an organizations end to end operating model. We deliver services that primarily do the following:

  • Effectively implement and align an organizations strategy to its underlying business operations
  • Optimize the business processes to achieve operational excellence; reduce unit operational cost to improve productivity
  • Develop and implement technical solution architectures and resultant business solutions that functionally fit the business requirements of the organization.

We excel at the intersection of disconnect between strategy, people, processes and technology by leveraging our expertise to align these fragmented organizational components into a seamless end to end operating model for an organization. Ultimately we enable the singular line of sight into an organizations performance to empower the effective management of the organization towards achieving its strategic goals.

We also excel in the end to end implementation of business solutions. In this space, our core competency can be found at the intersection between the provision of Systems Development Life Cycle services and Project Management Body of Knowledge services. We are able to provide systems integration, systems development and project management services. We work with existing client vendors to integrate cross platform business solutions and we can also develop custom business solutions to meet client needs.

The duality of our competence, means that we can be engaged in end to end projects where top down strategic initiatives need to be effectively implemented operationally to realize value for the clients organizations.

Our People

A common trait that best defines us, is our exceptional commitment and dedication to assisting our clients. For us it is not enough to deliver a service but it is to deliver a result that comprehensively realizes value for our clients.

A unique trait that distinguishes us is the multidimensional profile of each of our team members. Our team combines excellent technical competencies coupled with strong project and business process management skills and experience. We excel in business analysis or review where it is necessary to discern client requirements from a value perspective.

In line with our implementation approach, our team is configured to achieve more with less.